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NEW Location Opens January 2nd

Join us in a temporary home while construction of our new building continues. Located at 200, 222 - 16 Ave NE, we'll be right next door to where the new Centre will be.

This temporary location has two studios, offering an expanded class schedule. Memberships will be available for those who would like to attend classes multiple times per week. The new space will also have a reception and chai area, a change area and convenient onsite and street parking. 

We look forward to offering you a comfortable and evolving transition toward the new Centre and value your participation. Stay tuned for the new schedule coming soon.

Calgary Iyengar Yoga is here to inspire and nurture practice, learning, development and community through the highest standards of Iyengar yoga. 

We offer classes, workshops and retreats under the inspiration of Yogacharya BKS Iyengar and his remarkable work. Iyengar Yoga (pronounced “eye-yen-gar”) is a method named after yoga master BKS Iyengar, who helped bring Yoga to the West. Our teachers study for at least six years before they are certified through a rigorous internationally standardized system. Teachers are required to continue their studies on an ongoing basis. For more on our story, click here.

We are trained to offer you a practical and accessible approach to your practice. You will learn progressively and have access to props and variations so the practice meets you, wherever you are at.

Registered classes offer committed study for the serious student who has the spirit and enthusiasm for higher learning. Go further in your practice- study, unlearn, relearn and stoke the fire of yoga within. Explore postures, develop insight and build a bridge from the laboratory into living. Progressive curriculum.

We encourage registration as it allows progression from week-to-week. We offer the options of make up classes and late starts for those who register and drop-ins for those who require that flexibility.

All classes and short workshops are currently being held at Crescent Heights Community Centre and Wild Rose Church. All existing passes are honoured there. We invite students from all areas of the city to join us in Crescent Heights.  

See our classes page for registration and current schedules. Print a schedule here.

Get started today. Drop-in, register or send us a message.

We welcome beginners and yoga practitioners of all levels and from all traditions. We look forward to meeting you and sharing in your journey.


Calgary's Home for Iyengar Yoga: New Building Coming Soon

Construction for our new Centre has begun. Our New Building features:

*Inner city location- 16th Ave, near Centre St.
*Free parking
*Two large fully equipped studios
*Reception area with downtown views and complimentary chai
*Yoga Store


Student Experiences

Lower back pain is one of the most common health problems in North America and whether due to a modern, sedentary life style or to an injury, it's affects can be debilitating. My lower back suffers from the side effects of an epidural with my first child. It is weak, has poor mobility and can flare painfully sometimes. After many attempts to ease my symptoms, I found Iyengar yoga four years ago. Over time I established a regular practice and learning from Sharoni's wealth of knowledge and experience, my back became stronger and mostly pain free. I recently had a very painful flare, which brought my home and studio practice to a stand still. I met with Sharoni for a private consultation and she skillfully provided me with a therapeutic practice plan. Bringing my yoga practice down to just six poses was steadying to my mind as well as my body. Each pose focused on really creating space in my lower back and the use of yoga props (and the clever use of furniture to create props) gave me support to hold the poses for a therapeutic length of time and educated my body to feel the action from within. For example, using a piano bench to support my legs in arhva halasana (half plough pose) relaxed the muscles in my back and gave noticeable relief immediately. This introspective aspect facilitated by the props has been a huge learning experience for me and I will take that knowledge as I navigate my own journey of Iyengar yoga teacher training. After just four days of working mindfully with six poses, focusing on my posture and very precise alignment in the poses, my back was pain free. Iyengar yoga is a big part of my life and the practice provides me with strength of body and clarity of mind. My regular teachers at Calgary Iyengar Yoga, Sharoni and Inga are highly trained and are dedicated to helping every student work to the best of their ability to access the wellbeing that Iyengar yoga provides.
Jill Sinnott
Practice is like a long hike, a hike that takes a lot of days. You start with a map, but the map does not prepare you for the things you see, hear and feel. You walk with others, who will move a little different, taking challenging ascents easier than you but might be afraid at a rim which you enjoy. You need guidance to find the path but the path you walked is a little different than the path described. You go in a group and also on your own. Seconds can be endless when the slope is steep and the sun strong but a day just goes by in a minute. You are surrounded by the distant stillness of the sky, when the night is cool and dark. You reach for it and sometimes you touch.
Edda Koopmann
I wanted to thank you for the workshop as it was so wonderful. I really loved the 3 aspects of talking, asanas and pranayama. Your sequencing was so incredible as my body worked well. I have been practicing Iyengar yoga for about 2 years now and Calgary Iyengar Yoga opened my eyes to this practice. I have tried many types of yoga but this practice has allowed me to look in depth at the poses and to really observe my own body and mind. I appreciate the continuous guidance and knowledge that all teachers share here. I had never used props before coming to an Iyengar class so this was intimidating at first but now I see how using the props enhances the poses and can prevent injury. This practice is accessible for everybody and can be adapted to each individual. I am seeing many positive benefits in my body and my mind through this practice and I would encourage anyone to come with an open mind and heart to try this. Every class is a new experience for me and a challenge. I always look forward to being in the room with one of the devoted teachers at Calgary Iyengar Yoga.
Adrienne McCleary